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Topic: What up with the Kontakt update??

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    What up with the Kontakt update??

    There had been quite a bit of discussion about a new improved update for the MAC, and beta testers working hard, and the release coming within a week, but since then I have heard nothing anywhere?

    I can only get 11 voices on my streamlined MAC. HELP! Hard to compete in a orchestra competition when you can only use violins (4 for short, pizz, lush and marc) same with cello (same 4 for 8) one for a bass, one for a woodwind and one for the the ratchet.

    I plan on writing a concerto for extremely small orchestra and ratchet.

    Maybe there should be a seperate category for MAC users, who are clearly at a disadvantage. (can you see I have a bee in my bonnet)

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    Re: What up with the Kontakt update??


    Not a single response in two days!

    I need a set-up that will play back GPO soon in Pro Tools. I\'d love to know if there is a chance that it will eventually work. Otherwise I will go with a PC. It really does not work for me in PT very well at all. 11 voices and that is it!

    Should I be posting this in the NI Kontakt forum? From what I have heard, it is the tailored GPO Kontakt player that needs tweaking for the MAC.

    Hope I am not being rude about asking.

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    Re: What up with the Kontakt update??

    [ QUOTE ]

    Hope I am not being rude about asking.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Not at all. It is only hopeless to ask. You won\'t get an answer. Me neither as I asked recently for the update. \"Soon\" is all what u will hear. Form your own opinion.

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    Re: What up with the Kontakt update??

    There are updates being tested, both to the GPO Kontakt player and the library. NI has been informed of a few glitches that they are working on, further testing will be needed once NI completes these fixes. Progress is happening! Obviously, we can\'t give a firm date for something that is not in our control entirely. Your patience will be rewarded ...


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    Re: What up with the Kontakt update??

    In the meanwhile, render your GPO tracks to audio, then re-instantiate GPO with new instruments. Clumsy, and may require repeated loops thru this process, but it will let you work...


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    Re: What up with the Kontakt update??

    Rendering to audio may be clumsy, but I do it as a matter of habit (archived of course) one I\'m satisfied. It takes about 10 seconds a track in Sonar.

    I have a gig of memory and am looking at Carrillon systems with more RAM but I think I\'ll always bounce and archive until someone slugs me. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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