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Topic: S-Converter won't see my Pro Samples CD

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    S-Converter won\'t see my Pro Samples CD

    I\'m hoping this is something stupidly simple. I just bought Pop Brass, Classic Orchestra, Choirs and World Instruments East-West collections from my trusty (!) local (sorta) Guitar Center. When I insert them into my Win 98 system (autoinsert is off) GS 2.2 does not see them. When I click on the drive icon, I get the message that there are no audio OR Akai data on the disk.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: S-Converter won\'t see my Pro Samples CD

    Never mind... I just tried again, and this time it saw the disk. Appearently I have to aleary have the disk in the drive when GS boots.

    By the way, Guitar Center is currently offering these for $39.95.


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