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Topic: Cubasis 4 Problem

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    Cubasis 4 Problem

    I started a simple waltz last night and upon sequencing the second track it was either ahead or behind the beat by half. What\'s this now? No matter what I tried the results were the same. Anyone have this problem and if so what was your solution?
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    Re: Cubasis 4 Problem

    Does Cubasis have a \'set up MME\' section on the START..PROGRAMS.. menu? If so try running that and accepting its offer of a buffer size.

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    Re: Cubasis 4 Problem

    It seams a latency problem. I assume you are recording live (by playing the parts).

    If this is the problem, try to lower the latency of on your ASIO drivers setup, at least when recording.

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    Re: Cubasis 4 Problem

    I would think latency, too, but strange that it apparently happened all of a sudden? When\'s the last time you recorded multiple tracks from GPO into Cubasis? Did anything change on your system since then? You may have to futz with the audio setup/ASIO settings again. After reinstalling my OS and programs a couple weeks ago it took me several tries to get the ASIO settings to where everything was working nice again. Whatever you do, remember the cover of the Hitchhiker\'s Guide... DON\'T PANIC!!!!

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    Re: Cubasis 4 Problem

    This is going to sound stupid, but are you sure you have the second track routed to GPO and not General Midi in Cubase. I know that when you have GM and GPO going at the same time the GM will be ahead of GPO by a few steps due to it being zero latency. Just something to look at. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

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