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Topic: Giga and Games Question...

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    Giga and Games Question...

    I\'m new to the PC....longtime Mac user that got the PC to use Giga.

    Is it safe to install a game on the PC that Giga is installed on? I know on the Mac sometimes games can screw things up and wondered if it was safe on the PC....thanks

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    Re: Giga and Games Question...


    I\'ve used both platforms for many years, and I can only say...

    Back up the entire operating system directories, and backup the registry (from the Start menu select RUN. Type \'Regedit\' (no quotes).

    In the first menu, Registry, select Export Registry. Copy it to a safe place (a non-system directory.)

    Test your Giga system. RUn your most complicated sequence and check the PU usage. Remember tit.

    Now install your game. Reboot the computer. Play the game a few times. Reboot the again.
    RUn GS. Run the same sequence. Is the CPU isage the same? Are there any latency, delay, FX changes you can hear? If everything seems fine, you\'re probably OK.

    If not:
    Uninstall the game (Start-Settings-Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs)

    Test the system again. If there is still a difference, run Regedit again and reimport your directory.

    Whew! A lot of work, and probably not necessary. But this is the belt-and-suspenders safest option to let you work.


    Buy another PC for games!

    Hope this helps, and isn\'t too confusing. It\'s really not as troublesome as it sounds. OTOH, I use my PC for DSL Internet, Photoshop, Giga and all my \'business\' stuff, and my Mac just for sequencing and I admit I know I\'m not getting top performance from the box (333 MHz,) but then I plan to upgrade to a 2GHZ box just for audio sometine in the next few months, so I\'m pushing the edge a bit.


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    Re: Giga and Games Question...

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by thesoundsmith:

    I\'ve used both platforms for many years, and I can only say...


    Dasher, thanks so much for all the info.
    Boy, these PCs are involved! But I appreciate the detail. I will take your advice....wish me luck!

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    Re: Giga and Games Question...


    I do wish you luck! But you can reduce the requirement with some judicious pre-planning.

    I\'ve been a computer \'professional\' for 20 years, but stopped trying to keep up with the hardware/OS race about 8-9 years ago, when I found myself spending more time with the machines than with making music!

    It\'s OK to have a day gig, but it\'s GOT to stay at the office!

    In the same vein, the basic operation of the Mac and the PC really isn\'t that different-it\'s the same tasks, with a different way of accessing them.

    The more you know, the better you can prepare to resolve problems. And the one definite rule is-there WILL be problems.

    (You did have a backup, didn\'t you? )


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    Re: Giga and Games Question...

    One of my systems that I use for pretty much *everything* also has a copy of Giga running on it, and it works quite well. Never had a single problem whatsoever.

    With PCs, it rarely makes a difference, as long as no important files are replaced by new installs from other programs (which is very rare).

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