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Topic: Installing v1.5 Question..Important to me!

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    Installing v1.5 Question..Important to me!

    Hi Northern Bros,

    question..for those using Sonar 3.0 (Producer preferred) & Kontakt v1.5 only..

    When you received v1.5 of Kontakt

    (A) did you uninstall v1.21, install Kontakt v1.0 and then upgrade to v1.5 including the install of 1.24 of the DFD


    (B) Did you uninstall v1.21, install v1.0, took the upgrade to v1.21 and then installed v1.5 with the v1.24 of the DFD.

    Reason: I am trying to track down the problem as to why I am having a bounce problem with a heavy midi track of a guitar (As a DXI) (9 minutes long comping chords)used ijn Sonar Producer 3.0

    Thanks for your responses in advance.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Installing v1.5 Question..Important to me!

    Hi all,

    Got the same problem back again....
    I was hopeful but it wasn\'t scientific..

    Problem..bouncing a midi track...9 minutes long - using the voice as a DXI in Sonar 3.0 Producer..craps out @25%..

    Alan Russell

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