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Topic: Can someone help w/ this very weird problem???

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    Can someone help w/ this very weird problem???

    Ok this is quite odd and annoying:

    I have some MIDI tracks in cakewalk. Drums only. The gigastudio performance file contains drums only as well. But when I play it back every now and then I hear a series of notes being played (sounds maybe like guitar).

    This happens randomly. It doesn\'t happen every time. Can anyone imagine what the hell is going on? Why do I hear notes when there are only drums in the project? Could giga have become corrupted or something?

    I am not a novice Giga user, so it is not as though I am doing somthing stupid with an obvious fix. This really does require some attention to detial but I am just not seeing the cause.


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    Re: Can someone help w/ this very weird problem???

    Are you using the Conexant 500 library? I had similar problems when I used some instruments from that library. However this was a long time ago so I do not remember what the fix was.

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