I currently like the tone of QLSO brass and layer them with Vienna, Dan Dean and SAM to achieve a sound I like. However, there is one thing that has always bothered me about all the brass libraries I have. On 3 or 4 part writing, they all suffer froma bit of the \"pipe organ effec\"t(mainly trumpets). I assume this is because of writing polyphonic chords with a multiple trumpet sample. Building ensembles with solo instruments helps a bit, but a lot of the forte power is lost. I was very happy to see that SI has sampled brass in 1 and 2 chairs, so we can build true ensembles without the pipe organ effect. I would be very happy to hear a demo which uses SI in an exposed manner like this. Let me hear a big FF chord harmonically spread across all the brass sections. That would be the best test of SI\'s recording approach, and a selling point for me.