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Topic: Really need some help from smart people (GS editor involved)

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    Really need some help from smart people (GS editor involved)

    I am experiencing some very frustrating problems with the editor : the result I get when trying to make « multi-dimension instruments » by merging different instruments is almost never what I expect.
    Most often, I end up with one (or several) dimension(s) including only ONE of all its samples, this single sample being obviously mapped/transposed all across the keyboard (my eyes can confirm my ears by clicking on each region and wieving its assigned sample’s name).
    Which business are the others region’s samples doing at that time, I really can’t guess (they are for sure in the file, since separate instruments in the gig keep on playing the way they should…)
    So I’d really appreciate if someone told me what may be wrong in what I do, as follows :
    1) I start with merging all the needed gigs, so I have a new big gig with all the sample folders I plan to use for my new instrument
    2) I create a new instrument by clicking the nice little icon,
    3) I choose the type of controller (usually keyboard) I want to use in order to switch dimensions,
    4) I of course set the notes to be used for dimension triggering
    5) I set up the number of splits I want (generally 4 or 8)
    6) I assign one sample folder to each of the available splits
    7) I click « finish », get no error-message and hope for the best
    8) I save my work to HD in order to be able to download the new gig to GS and play it
    9) I am deeply disapointed, because I get what I said before (at least one « single-sample-region », playing from the beginning to the end of the regions’ limits (awfull and useless).
    I also tried a slightly different method : create a new instrument, define the number of wished dimensions, click finish, and drag the sample folder into the velocity/region pool in the bottom of the screen (left half) wich one can select by clicking the small dimensions squares on its right).
    One way or the other, the result is the same.
    My feeling is, these dimension-device is a little buggy, and works only in limited and very simple situations : few samples, each region involved in the mega-gig totally identical with the others (mono or stereo, key mapping strictly equivalent…)It\'s a drag, because when I purchased GS, it really was with all my Akai separate programs using dimensions on my mind...
    BUT I may be (and really hope I am) WRONG….
    Maybe I skip a very important point/parameter/trick… I am kind of new in GS’ world, and although I did my best to understand the structure of the soft, I’ll do agree I’m not the most clever guy on our planet ! !
    So if there is one people here who can give me useful advice, I’ll be very grateful to him or her.
    In other words, you GS Editor users, please let me know how smart and skilled you are !

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    Re: Really need some help from smart people (GS editor involved)

    Well, it seems I\'m the only guy out there trying to customize imported programs ??

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    Re: Really need some help from smart people (GS editor involved)

    I take it you are refering to the \"Wizard Tool\" in what your doing. It almost looks like your trying to drag folders to the regions or velocity\\dimensions section or something. If you are using the Wizard tool, then something isn\'t working right. I think I saw your post at the Tascam forum and the suggestion to make sure your not mixing mono and stereo samples as you try to assemble the instrument. Looks like you verified that already. Tell us what exact Akai samples your working with and I\'ll see if I can reproduce it if I have it on hand. It\'s possible that the unity note settings for the imported Akai samples are acting strange. Perhaps the instrument converted and it plays fine but it is having to jerry rig the unity note settings or something to play back properly. Then when you try to use the wizard tool, those unity notes don\'t work. If that is the case, you can try using the combine feature to put the instruments together. Let me know what library it is.
    Take care
    David Govett

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    Re: Really need some help from smart people (GS editor involved)

    Sorry not to have replied to your kind offer,
    but I did not see it untill now (after a couple of days without anything new, I did not check the topic\'s status any more, since I came to think that almost nobody was interested in it...)
    Well, unfortunately the problem I have is with a new library the Yellow Tools \"Pure Electric basses\", which are already native Giga samples !
    Each gig is made of many samples (8 velocities !!), and maybe that\'s the problem.
    But it\'s also possible that it has to do with those unity notes, and I will chek it out as soon as I have enough time to make me familiar with the concept and investigate (if so, i fear it will be impossible to fix that, unless I\'m ready to spend endless hours to rectify each sample\'s unity note, right ?)
    Thanks anyway for your concern !

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