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Topic: Question for Eric (spectrum) re: SRX-01 samples

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    Question for Eric (spectrum) re: SRX-01 samples

    Hey Eric,

    I\'ve been holding onto my SRX-01 board after selling my Roland XV synth because, quite simply, they\'re my favorite drum samples ever. I was considering getting a Fantom X so I could use the board again, but now I hear on the fantomized forum that most of the samples are available in your Burning and Liquid Grooves products. Is this really the case? If so, I\'ll sell the board and purchase the CDROMs to use in my soft samplers so I can have those wonderful sounds back (I especially love the jazz kit of the SRX-01...that sizzle ride is great). I\'d appreciate getting the facts straight from the source. Thanks!

    The Bebop Clown

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    Re: Question for Eric (spectrum) re: SRX-01 samples

    I have the SRX-1 board and Burning Grooves. The Burning Groove kits do sound like the Roland board. The samples converted nicely from Kurzweil to Kontakt using Translator. However, the brush drums on the Roland board are not on the Burning Grooves disk nor on Liquid Grooves.

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    Re: Question for Eric (spectrum) re: SRX-01 sample

    No...the SRX-01 board drum kits have not been released on any of our CD-ROMs.

    They are 100% unique to that board.


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    Re: Question for Eric (spectrum) re: SRX-01 sample

    The srx board sounds fantastic! I think they were sampled on the same session as Backbeat, so you basically get the kits that were used on that.
    As usual, amazing production values with a really fat sound; they sound way better than the burning grooves kits to me.
    My only minor complaint is 4 way velocity switching, but that is due to the limitation of the XV architecture than anything else.

    Spectrum; is there any chance of these being released as a VSTi with more velocity switches?



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