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Topic: Upgrade to full Overture?

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    Upgrade to full Overture?

    Has anyone done this yet? I\'m very interested and the price seems okay. I have found that notation is easier for me than sequencing because that\'s what I\'m used to seeing (although all my tweaking will have to be done via a sequencer). What are some of the advantages to the full version that you\'ve noticed. Since I primarily use GPO at this point, is the SE version all I need or is it worth investing in the full? I haven\'t bumped into any limitations thus far, but I\'m still scratching the surface.

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    Re: Upgrade to full Overture?


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    Re: Upgrade to full Overture?

    Hi Joseph,
    I\'d like to know the upgrade price : I was unable to find it on Geniesoft\'s site.
    Could you tell it for me, or post a link to the right page ?
    I am tempted too, because the more I use, the more I like it.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Upgrade to full Overture?

    Upgrade price from SE edition is $199.00. Their website is located at: http://www.geniesoft.biz/

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