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Topic: Tutorial Project coming along!

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    Tutorial Project coming along!

    Progress is going very well on the tutorial project. Me and Kevin (the original tech support team) have been recording the teaching sessions all this week and are almost done with the main interface. Next we\'ll tackle the Editor.
    I started with details on backing up old GigaSampler stuff and uninstalling and covered the installation and registration of GigaStudio. Then we have a quick and dirty overview of the whole interface. Next is the process of getting sounds from disk in various formats onto the hard drive, finding them, loading them and messing with them once they are loaded. Today we covered the mixing path and dsp, the MIDI control surface mixer and output offsets and a detailed S-Converter lesson.
    Now I\'m loading 30 sound effects disks to teach about the distributed wave and foley engine and searching.
    In the editor, we will cover basic to advanced instrument design, using complete instruments that will be included with the tutorial package. (a great DX7 that is well recorded and an intentionally horrible drum kit that will probably ironically be a huge hit. We have sampled a badly tuned jamming drum kit to cassette tape through distant mics. It even has tarnished and cracked cymbals and a squeaky kick drum pedal)
    The only catch is you have to assemble the instruments yourself using what we teach you. (a final exam of sorts)
    We will also get into techiques of sequencing on the same machine and getting the audio to work. The whole project is un-scripted and unrehearsed but very slick looking and informative.
    I\'ll keep you all informed as the project progresses. Feel free to post questions or requests for things as I go. I\'ll be checking the threads.
    David Govett

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    Re: Tutorial Project coming along!

    Fanbloodytastic Dave!

    Can\'t wait.


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    Re: Tutorial Project coming along!

    I can\'t wait to hear those drums

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    Re: Tutorial Project coming along!

    Dave, you\'ve made my day. I have so badly wanted to see a tutorial on GSt.

    Is a video tutorial or is it made with Windows internal camcorder?

    Either way, thank you.

    Long awaited. badly needed.

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    Re: Tutorial Project coming along!

    Do you have a ballpark date for shipping? And as above, what format? DVD, CD-ROM, VHS, talking dog?

    Can\'t wait...

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    Re: Tutorial Project coming along!

    To answer the last two questions...

    The project uses both the internal windows screencam shots (animated) combined with our voices and a real world video picture in picture (in the lower corner usually) that covers me controlling the keyboard, mod wheel and MIDI controllers and computer keyboard. It allows you to see the realworld MIDI control at the same time and the action on the screen takes place. If I move a MIDI fader or mod wheel or strike a key at various velocities, you see it in the corner of the screen in the real world and on the main screen in the GigaStudio interface or editor. It certainly makes the keyswitches easy to explain. We basically have the camera running the whole time and I\'ll synch up and insert video where needed.
    The format will be CD-ROM (3 disks, 1 for the Interface, 1 for the Editor and 1 for the tutorial sounds)
    I\'m keeping it real simple for me and the users and sticking with formats that are known to be compatible. It will simply be a very fancy graphical windows help file with AVI videos linked to it. (not embeded) You simply go to a topic and will find an 800x600 AVI ready to play. Just hit the play button and learn. It works fine off the CD-ROM but will be even smoother if you copy the files to the hard drive. It will ship with the Techsmith codec which installs easily and allows for very well compressed and smooth lossless screen capture video.
    We will be working on the distributed wave feature today and demonstrating the ability to search the 50 disk Hollywood edge quicksound FX library today.

    I should have this about finished by the end of the year. Come hell highwater,little green dudes from mars, I want to have it ready to demonstrate and if possible shipping by the NAMM show.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for the feedback.
    David Govett

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    Re: Tutorial Project coming along!

    Great News.
    Do you have a price set for the tutorial?
    Free to cheap would be cool to register giga studio owners.

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    Re: Tutorial Project coming along!


    In your e-mail on your current training video project you mentioned the TechSmith codec.

    Thanks for this unintended tip! I checked out the TechSmith site and found some great tools for my job (as interface designer). I was looking this week for software that can record user interaction and screen images, to be used in training video\'s.

    Not exactly serendipity, but feels the same...

    Cool, thanks again!

    Peter Roos (NL)

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    Re: Tutorial Project coming along!

    Glad I could help. I tried every screen capture product out there and the Techsmith Camtasia works the best flat out for Standard Compatible AVI files. There are good other products but the damm things only save in their own special format or they create huge, glitchy AVI files that just don\'t look good. I needed AVI files so that I can do some professional post production on this project. I\'m able to put all my film production and editing skills to use. Figuring out the workflow and experimentation alone took about 6 weeks when added up. As to the price, it will probably be in the $49.99 range. (in other words 50 bucks) The DX instrument that is included is worth that alone. I\'m working on this independently (like a library developer would) so it won\'t be a free product.
    Take care
    David Govett

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    Re: Tutorial Project coming along!

    Now your also doing all this video stuff, next to using, developing and testing Giga libraries, I guess you\'re starting to measure HD space in terrabytes instead of gigabytes?

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