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Topic: Learning Drum Beats

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    Re: Learning Drum Beats


    Thanks Chadwick, I really appreciate it!

    Its ligher in here now!


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    Learning Drum Beats

    I am new to drums machines and Giga Drum Libraries. I know I have rhytm, but do not kno anything about Drum Beats/Tempos.

    I wish to program my own drum patterns but need help.

    Are there any tutorials on the web or books where I can learn about different beats/Tempos, measures what they mean, and also identify what a Hi Hat etc is?

    Please shed some light where I can learn more about Drums and Tempo\'s etc,

    After all I am living in a cave...

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    Re: Learning Drum Beats

    cool links, I now have to feel the thrill to know if anything I learnt for myself is also written on an html...

    (eyes glued on the monitor)


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