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Topic: New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page

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    New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page

    Here is a link to the new GPO-OVERTURE Resource page.


    This page is designed to provide a resource for GenieSoft Overture users. Overture is powerful, easy to use, and integrates quite nicely with Garritan Personal Orchestra. Best of all, it comes bundled free wioth GPO. Below you will find an Overture-GPO Tutorial, Overture (.ove) Song Files and corresponding GPO Studio files, troubleshooting tips and informative links and resources.

    Thanks to those who contributed demos, Overture and GPO Studio files, tutorials, tips and other help.

    If you have any ideas on how to make this page better, more helpful, and informative, please let me know. And, if there are any errrors on the page please point them out.

    User contributions are always welcome for the GPO-OVERTURE page and if you have anything you could share, please let me know.

    We plan to be posting even more resource pages for the major sequencers and notation programs.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page

    Thanx for this!
    As soon as finals are over,I\'ll contribute!!


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    Re: New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page

    This is great! Thank you again for all the hard work you and your team and others continue to put out for us users. (Especially hard learners like myself).
    The Sonar Resource page is excellent and exciting as well. Very useful for the near future when I finally purchase Sonar.
    Thanks again guys!

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    Re: New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page

    I posted a topic some days ago abut a bug of Overture SE on mac (Os 10.3): it crashes when I try to export my work on midi.
    I sent a bug report to Geniesoft but I didn\'t get a reply.
    i\'m the only one having these problems?

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    Re: New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page

    Overture crashes when I try to export to midi here too, and are the User Resource Pages for Windows only? I cant open any of the projects (Overture_GPO, Cubase-GPO) without getting errormessages missing samples etc.

    Mac OS10.3
    Cubase SX2
    Overture SE 3.6


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    Re: New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page


    I don\'t use Overture, but I have used Cubase SX2 on Mac, and I have no trouble whatsoever with \'missing samples\' upon opening a saved project. This is not a generic problem with Cubase and GPO, so a solution is hopeful for you.

    Can you describe your missing samples problem in more detail? Maybe I or another SX2 user, like Houston maybe, could be of some assistance.


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    Re: New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page

    Unable to load file (magicflute.gpo) Invalid document structure in PersonalOrchStudio

    Magicflute.ove wont open in overture

    NovemberGPO.Cpr its possible to open in sx but how to assign correct instrument in contactplayer?

    Joplin.GPO : Could not find samples (Pc-path) C:Program Files;Garritan Personal Orchestra:GPO Library:<GPO_Library_part2.n........), I try to find it manually but the file GPO_Library_part2.nks seems to be a Microsoft Exceldocument and it wont open in P.O.Studio. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

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    Re: New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page

    so this problem with exporting midi in Overture on Mac seems to be a bug!
    i hope they will fix it soon because i did a lot of work on Overture and i nedd to export to midi to go to logic!

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    Re: New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page

    I mentioned the Overture export to MIDI to Don Williams and he\'s looking into it. Hopefully he\'ll post here about his findings.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: New - OVERTURE -GPO Users Resource Page

    We are working on the problem and should have a fix and an update on the website soon.

    Don Williams

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