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Topic: WinXP and 2.5: Some Bugs

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    WinXP and 2.5: Some Bugs

    hello all, didn´t post much on this forum, but i always read all the posts. i really like this forum, indeed.

    so i downloaded the giga2.5 patch, installed it on xp pro, and got it to work. it needs a lot more RAM, but runs rockstable.

    BUT there are some bugs, man, and i awaited the new xp version SO LONG.

    my specs:
    amd athlon 1.2 fsb 100
    asus a7m
    256 ddr ram 1600
    20gb & 40 gb maxtor 7200 drives
    midiman 44
    cubase, sibelius, wavelab

    so, i´ll begin:
    1) first, i have NO midi on xp, i can play gigastudio not as standalone, only through cubase. i have to click the nemesys port 1 on the cubase midi track. then i hear the piano sound of giga.

    2) after 3,4 boots of giga, the new GS 2.5 needs 15-20 seconds to be playable. maybe a midi driver issue ?

    3) btw: i had no probs installing and registering giga.

    4) the fx bug: if you hit the bypass button on the implemented giga fx, giga will crash immediately.

    5) new bug in sibelius: unable to see the midi drivers, and therefore unable to select them. before i installed giga everything had been allright.

    6) question: since hubis looppack can´t be installed on xp, is there another possibilty to install a virtual midi driver ? maybe midiyoke ?

    man, i feel like a f+ckin beta tester.
    there´s still plenty of work obtaining a bug free giga.
    and, of course, i´m a bit bored of getting replies from nemesys or the mods \"it´s only a config thing\". hmmh, sure giga is great, thats why´i always kept it, but its still unreliable.

    i could run GS 2.2 on my win98 without serious probs, the new mobo seems to be VERY stable, the ram is without errors, and i did not notice any crackles on the a7m.
    (before i got the bad, BAD, BAD asus a7v mobo which really sucked.)

    hope anyone can help me.

    TIA, dudes.


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    Re: WinXP and 2.5: Some Bugs

    I got 2Gb RAM and my GSt 2.5 needs about 1 minute to launch, but it only takes about 5 to 8 seconds to load the 900MB Steinway B piano sample.

    So in the old days you went in fast but waited for a long time, and now you wait for a day to get in but then you\'re on the highway.

    I\'m still trying to find out why it crashes during launching so frequently. Strange thing is that I uninstalled MIDI Yoke (8 virtual MIDI ports) and it got whole lot better.

    Arys Chien

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    Re: WinXP and 2.5: Some Bugs

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>man, i feel like a f+ckin beta tester.
    there´s still plenty of work obtaining a bug free giga.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn\'t this a BETA release? So you ARE beta tester.

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    Re: WinXP and 2.5: Some Bugs

    Yep, it definitely says public beta!! So we are all beta testers. Post those bugs up on Tascams forum.

    I have my system setup as a dual boot config. Testing the XP OS before migrating everything over. I still do my production work on Win 98. I\'m still waiting for the XP version of Maestro Tools for GOS before switching over totally to XP.

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    Re: WinXP and 2.5: Some Bugs

    What were your problems with the A7V?

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    Re: WinXP and 2.5: Some Bugs

    yes, you´re right, BUT giga 2.5 falls definitely back behind the 2.2 version, . . .

    whaaaaa, that´s not cool. im not able to use sibelius with giga . . . and i cannot play the piano either without opening cubase. hey, that is really bad.

    ok, maybe its an unusable beta. causde i read in the yahoo user groups of giga that a nemesys guy told us \"its nearly finished, no bugs to await\", haha, good joke.


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