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Topic: Nicebeats Studioline samples

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    Nicebeats Studioline samples

    Has anyone tried these sample libraries?:


    159.00 Euro for the 15 CD \"Spar-Pack\" at the bottom of the page. Thinking about the Akai versions to load in EXS24 and Sampletank2. Feedback appreciated. The cynic in me can\'t imagine at that price that these would be very good.


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    Re: Nicebeats Studioline samples

    I bought a few of these on ebay several years ago, Fortunately, the seller waqs not familiar with the product, and gave me most of my money back after I tried the libs. What was advertised as \'strings\' was a string machine, not even a very good one. The same for the rest of them. I believe out of 6 CDs, I found four or five playable sounds. Many (advertised as real instruments) were obviously synth patches, quite a few had bad loops and noise.

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    Re: Nicebeats Studioline samples

    Thanks very much for the reply Dasher. I \'ll pass on them.


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