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Topic: Nightmare @ 2.5

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    Nightmare @ 2.5

    I tried to download the patch for W2K, but had given up about 10 times because of slow - S-L-O-W-SLOW - file transferring rate (about 0.2 or 0.3K on my ADSL connection).

    Finally I got it downloaded to my HD and installed it. Then I started GSt160 and next thing I knew a terrible noise almost blew up my monitors and my ears. I turned down the volume but it was still red in the soundcard\'s meter. And there was no way to shut it down, for W2K simply crashed to a point that the only I could do was to press the reset button on the computer shell.

    I tried to run it several times but always got the same terrible result. Then I just uninstalled it.

    My machine: PIII-1G Dual, 2G RAM, W2K SP2, Soundscape Mixtreme card.

    Arys Chien

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    Re: Nightmare @ 2.5

    Do you have GSIF drivers written FOR WinXP ?

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    Re: Nightmare @ 2.5

    I went to the regitry and cleared up anything with \"GigaStudio\" and installed the patch again. It worked.


    But the nightmare continued...

    Later when I wanted to do the registration as the reminder window kept bothering me, I put the piano CD into the CD-ROM drive as instructed. Then I was told that the piano CD was not found.

    So I couldn\'t register.

    Then something more terrible occured.

    I restarted the computer and ran GSt V2.5 again. It just hang there. The whole system hang there with it.

    Still struggling....

    p.s.: the XP driver for Mixtreme was finished some time ago and from the fellow users it\'s working fine. But I don\'t want to upgrade to XP.

    Arys Chien

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    Re: Nightmare @ 2.5

    Does the Mixtreme card have a W2K driver with GSIF?

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    Re: Nightmare @ 2.5

    Hi Chadwick et al.

    The windows2000 OS also cannot find the CD2(Gigapiano) to register. I am runnning GS160 2.5beta on Frontier Design Dakota/Montana using the beta6a driver which is GSIF compliant. Confirmed, this is a bug.

    Beta readme, says Frontier Design is GSIF compliant.

    Also, enabling bypass button on the NFX WILL RESULT IN A CRASH!! Confirmed, this is a bug.

    See my previous posts



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    Re: Nightmare @ 2.5

    Other, than the above two issues we were able to achieve full 160 voice polyphony, sound quality is excellent. Furthermore, GS160 beta 2.5x is stable on our Frontier Designs gear. This of course is just a preliminary impression as I haven\'t had the chance to play with all the buttons yet!!!



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    Re: Nightmare @ 2.5

    I\'ve installed V2.5 about 20 or 30 times so far, and have launched it successfully about 5 or 6 times, but none of them survived a system reboot - meaning when I restarted the PC (in the normal way) I just couldn\'t run the V2.5 that I just installed and ran well 5 minutes ago. The system just hang there with the starting picture of GigaStudio.

    The bad thing was that I couldn\'t locate a factor that caused the crash. V2.5, in my PC, could crash or not crash under exactly the same circumstances.

    Mixtreme has GSIF driver and I\'m sure it\'s working perfectly, for during the 5 or 6 times of successfully running GSt V2.5, I could achieve 160 voices without any pops or crackles or sound degration.

    Arys Chien

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