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Topic: Another Place

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    Another Place

    Greetings from Atlanta,
    My GPO has really been getting a workout lately.
    I have finished a new piece and thought I’d share it with you.

    Another Place In Time

    As always your comments and thoughts are welcome.


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    Re: Another Place

    Really nice !!

    Perhaps you could dial down the strings a bit... seemed a bit loud to me but other than that... absolute great !!


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    Re: Another Place

    Hi Ron,
    I was having technical difficulties and had to record groups on separate tracks. Somewhere along the line I altered the track volumes inadvertently. I have re-recorded it and updated the link above. I hope that took care of the problem. Thank you for pointing it out!


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    Re: Another Place

    has that taste to Smetana\'s Moldau [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Another Place

    Daaaaaaaang, Will....that\'s just crazy, man! You must have worked your butt off on this piece, \'cause this is da bomb! Dang, man....sure GPO is great, but when playing the right stuff...it\'s just.....ugh I just can\'t explain the feeling....

    ....just so you guys know I\'m a sucker for just about any kind of high quality orchestral music, which is why I love GPO so much. I love it, man, just like I loved Tuscan Affair!

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    Re: Another Place

    Another Place? I was taken to several places of beauty and wonder with this piece! Seriously, I loved the uplifting feeling the string motive gave. Almost as if on vacation (which I haven\'t had in over 15 years) in some bright, happy carefree, wonderful, relaxing spot of the world.
    I like to leave the technical critiquing to the others. My favorite thing to do is give an honest critique on the human effects it has as you can obviously surmise!
    Nice! Very nice.

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    Re: Another Place


    This is just Beautiful! Excellent work.

    I love the flow of the piece through to the climax at the end. The orchestration adds to and supports this aspect of your work.

    I love this, both technically and aesthetically. I was joyfully carried away to that other place.

    Wonderful work,


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    Re: Another Place


    Great job again ! This is just a pleasing tune to listen too. I keep looking forward to more and more. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Another Place

    Beautiful piece, William.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Another Place

    I\'m sorry William, but I have to agree with the others here.....another great piece. Not exactly like anything I\'ve heard before......and that\'s not easy to coming up with something different. Isn\'t music brilliant!!!

    You sure have the gift....keep them coming.


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