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Topic: Countdown to the 1st of June!!!

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    Countdown to the 1st of June!!!

    First in Spain, later in Internet and now in USA retail stores, after more than a million and half of plays and downloads through MP3.com, 1sound, Soundclick, Ampcast, BroadJam, IC-Musicmeida, Artistlaunch, GarageBand, DMUSIC and many others....

    Created only to collect funds for Doctors Without Borders in Spain....

    The most emotional neoclassical music I never was able to write...

    Check the 1st online New Age music store to hear the first track of the album \"We are the forthcoming past, take care of it\"

    In this work you will find the beatiful sound of the the Garritan Orchestral Strings, EWQL, and the PMI Bossendorfer piano.

    Made completely with Nuendo and Cubase SX, with MOTU 2408 MKIII on a PC, UAD-1 and mastered with Sony Sound Forge and miexred with the Mackie Control only (because I was tired of wait the new update for the extenders

    The first of June will be on the retail stores of USA.

    A dream comes true. Thanks to Gary Garritan, Doug Rogers, and Nick Phoenix for convert my orchestral dreams into true.



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    Re: Countdown to the 1st of June!!!

    Holy molly Spain man! No bull? (Pun) Can\'t wait congratulations big time man!

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