There are a couple things that I found:
1. This might be my MOTU W2K driver bug: If I set my MOTU rig to use 48khz, the sound comes out is 44.1khz (so it\'s about 2 notes above). This doesn\'t happen on Win98 version.

2. I have 512M of RAM, but I can only load very limited amount of samples - If I load Trachtman Steinway C, I can\'t load any other samples. It tells me that Giga can\'t allocate any more memory. In Task Manager, I see that I still have around 280M free.

Other than that, the midi & latency is tight!! On Win2K, I was able to max 160 poly and use my MOTU mixer for routing to my outboard reverb no problem. With Win98, I got crackles when I use MOTU mixer, but I don\'t care, since Win2K is where I\'m going to use.