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Topic: Motu's 2408 Mk3 on G5's PCI-x

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    Motu\'s 2408 Mk3 on G5\'s PCI-x


    anyone with a similar setup?? does Motu support Apple\'s PCI-X format on the G5\'s? I haven\'t read anything regarding this issue on Motu\'s site.

    Many thanks!!


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    Re: Motu\'s 2408 Mk3 on G5\'s PCI-x

    When ordering you need to specify to MOTU (or to whomever you\'re purchasing it from) that the Motu PCI-424 card is specifically for the G5. If you\'ve already got it and discovered that its not the right card, contact MOTU and get the exchange.

    The difference is in the voltage requirements of the G5. Another fun fact: many of the cool PCI cards won\'t work in the G5 unless specified to do so. Ask first before buying. I do know that the TC Powercore PCI card works in the G5.

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    Re: Motu\'s 2408 Mk3 on G5\'s PCI-x

    Sharmy and Frederick!

    Many thanks for your thoughts on this issue. I will double check the compatibility thing between various PCI soundcards and the new PCI-x format.
    I was aware there was a voltage difference between the older PCI format and the new PCI-x format. It\'s good to know that MOTU is providing compatible soundcards.
    Would you guys know about Hammerfall stuff if it\'s compatible?


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    Re: Motu\'s 2408 Mk3 on G5\'s PCI-x

    Although the PCI-X specific card for the G5 is backwards compatible. So i assume the ones currently shipped from MOTU are the correct voltage for the g5\'s. That is not to say that all retailers have the updated cards. Good idea to ask.

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