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Topic: Midi Instrument Editior newbie question

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    Midi Instrument Editior newbie question


    I\'ve recieved a copy of Gigasampler LE with my Terratec EWX soundcard. Now I\'ve got a very newbish question (shame, shame):

    With the instrument editor I don\'t get any sound. The Gigasampler itself plays well with the Terratec Mididriver, but with the editor it doesn\'t function at all. The Midi Channel status windows is blank.

    I found no help in the documentation or doing a search on this forum. Any help for a beginner is very appreciated.

    welldone (or not so well in this particular case)

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    Re: Midi Instrument Editior newbie question

    Do you click edit from Gigasampler itself or load the sound directly in the editor?

    The most common way is to click edit in GS (on the sound you want to edit). Then you should hear the sound in the editor (on the same midichannel as you had it in GS).

    Good luck

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    Re: Midi Instrument Editior newbie question

    If the instrument is already in the main Gst panel and you right click on it and choose \'edit\' to send it to the editor, you should hear sound as soon as the editor loads it up. Some edits you make will be audible straight away, more significant ones require use of the Gst \'download\' button (more below).

    If you are creating a NEW instrument (which you say you are), you will notice that the \'loaded\' icon (green normally), will switch off, and the reload icon will switch on (red), to indicate that this instrument version is not saved to disk yet. This doesn\'t matter when you haven\'t made any region assignments anyway.

    Once you have laid out your samples, you\'ll want to save your work in progress. Rather than use the \'save as\' process, if you use the \'download to Gst\' process you kill two birds with one stone.

    Click on the Gs button which resides between the wizard icon and the loaded led. As you haven\'t saved this instrument before, the first thing that will happen is that you\'ll be given the opportunity to navigate to a folder, name the instrument, and save it. Future use of the Gs download button will save this instrument over the top of it\'s disk version (use \'save as\' if you want to have avoid this).

    The second (background) thing which happens is that the instrument is \'downloaded\' to whatever port/channel slot you have selected to the right of the reload led.

    Now you will hear sound if you are playing in the right range on the right channel, and have the sound turned up etc.,

    It seems complicated, but it\'s quite quick usually.

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    Re: Midi Instrument Editior newbie question

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

    Hmmmm,my main problem persits, when I\'m trying to build an instrument from scratch. Do I have to save it at first and get it into the Gigasampler as instrument number 1?

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    Re: Midi Instrument Editior newbie question

    Wow! A tutorial!

    Thanks, Chadwick, you\'ve told me more in this one post than I\'ve been able to figure out in a couple of weeks prowling the \"Help\" system.


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    Re: Midi Instrument Editior newbie question

    Thanks a lot Chadwick for your really helpful answer / tutorial! This forum truely rocks!


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    Re: Midi Instrument Editior newbie question

    You want tutorials!

    Check out the 3 CD Multimeda effort that Dave and Kevin are planning for Namm release. THAT will be a tutorial. (plus you get a set of grungy drums and a DXi instrument).

    On another thread he mentioned it\'d be about $50, which I think is value for something which unlocks all the options on an app which is so central in its role for many people.

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