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Topic: **GPO Web Chat - Friday. October 29h**

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    **GPO Web Chat - Friday. October 29h**

    This new forum has a different way of quoting URLs so a lot of the old links don't work anymore. So updated:

    Weekly web chat is here:


    Noob guide to downloading and using MIRC (for those who have problems with Java/firewalls accessing above link) is here:


    Time is 1600 (Eastern), 1300 (Pacific), 2100 (UK), 0600 (Sydney) and weekly thereafter.

    Day/date is shown in the thread Title

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    Re: ANNOUNCING: GPO Weekly Web Chat

    which IRC network? DALnet?

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    Re: ANNOUNCING: GPO Weekly Web Chat

    Errr - not sure about the different nets - but we are trying to get an L-bot to keep the room open for us and protected from takeovers via Quakenet - does that help?

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    Re: ANNOUNCING: GPO Weekly Web Chat

    no it doesn\'t answer my question, but yes..getting a bot is a good idea.

    before Friday we will need to know which network. Undernet, EFNet, DALnet, etc.. There are dozens of them....and some people just run their own IRC server altogether and don\'t even use the general network..which is a much better way to avoid takeovers... Further, you can make the channel password protected and at that point...only people from this forum would know how to get in to it...

    Don\'t ask me HOW to configure all that stuff, because I don\'t really know. I could probably find out, but not in time for tomorrow..

    What I would suggest for tomorrow is just pick any common network, like Undernet or EFnet...and we\'ll use it for tomorrow with no bot or anything. It should not be a problem. All you have to do is connect to a server of the network (for example EFNET), connect to one of the EFNet servers with Mirc and then in the little box where you can type text enter the following command:

    /join #gpo (or whatever channel name you want)

    At that point the channel will be open with only one person (you). Than as other people join the same named channel we\'ll all be together. Pretty easy. If this turns out to be interesting and popular, we can take steps later to protect the channel..

    Needless to say, tomorrow\'s chat session will never happen unless you let us know which network to join on tomorrow..


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    Re: ANNOUNCING: GPO Weekly Web Chat

    Well we have tonight finally successfully set up a BOT on #garritan on Quakenet so that we can keep the channel open and prevent takeover.

    On MIRC, choosing :


    on the connect dialogue and joining Channel #garritan seems to have worked for all the people who were helping with the set up tonight.

    Is that enough info or do we need to find out which NETWORK the Quake servers are on? Or is there more to this?

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    Re: ANNOUNCING: GPO Weekly Web Chat

    nope..that\'s perfect..I just joined the channel on quakenet. Looking forward to it

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    Re: ANNOUNCING: GPO Weekly Web Chat

    [ QUOTE ]
    The GPO Weekly Web chat starts this Friday 7th May on IRC, channel #garritan at 1600 (Eastern), 1300 (Pacific), 2100 (UK), 0600 (Sydney) and weekly thereafter.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Thanks for setting this up. Looking forward to joining in the online conversation.


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    Re: ANNOUNCING: GPO Weekly Web Chat

    Just for the sake of not confusing me anymore... I personally would REALLY appretiate it if people used their NS names during the chat...

    It\'s not a requirement, but I would consider it a favor...

    Also, I\'ll have to cut out early (dinner with the folks) so I\'m over there now and am free to talk if you guys have the time...

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    Re: ANNOUNCING: GPO Weekly Web Chat

    Gary and I are there, anytime you\'d like, stop by...

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    Re: ANNOUNCING: GPO Weekly Web Chat

    anyone having problems joining, just post here and advice will be forthcoming

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