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Topic: Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO driver?

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    Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO driver?


    I would like to use \"GPO Studio\" with Finale 2004.
    The soundcard I use is a \"Hammerfall Digi9636\" from \"RME\"
    The soundcard works perfectly with \"Cubase SX\", \"Audition\" and other applications.
    And everything is also fine working with \"GPO\" as VST in \"Cubase SX\"

    But when using \"GPO Studio\" as stand alone, I get following driver in the audio setting menu:

    [MME]DIGI9636 Out SPDIF(1)(out)
    [MME]DIGI9636 Out ADAT1 (1+2)(1)(out)
    [MME]DIGI9636 Out ADAT1 (3+4)(1)(out)
    [MME]DIGI9636 Out ADAT1 (5+6)(1)(out)
    [MME]DIGI9636 Out ADAT1 (7+8)(1)(out)
    [MME]DIGI9636 Out ADAT2 (1+2)(1)(out)
    [MME]DIGI9636 Out ADAT2 (3+4)(1)(out)
    [MME]DIGI9636 Out ADAT2 (5+6)(1)(out)
    [MME]DIGI9636 Out ADAT2 (7+8)(1)(out)

    [ASIO]ASIO DIGI9636/52(duplex)
    [ASIO]ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver(duplex)
    [ASIO]ASIO Multimedia Driver(duplex)

    All the nine MME driver are working, but they have have a too big latency (for such a good card like the \"RME Hammerfall\"!)

    The three other ASIO driver do not seem to route any signal to the Output of the soundcard.

    Usually, in \"Cubase SX\" or other Programme, the same drivers name appears like the MME but they all are ASIO Driver.
    Should it not be like this in GPO Studio?
    And if not, how to get an ASIO Driver for the \"Hammerfall\" from within GPO Studio?

    I already have asked RME support, they had no answer to this question and asked for a demo of GPO studio.
    I told them that there is no demo .

    Thanks for an answer.


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    Re: Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO drive



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    Re: Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO drive

    Have you run the AISO setup that comes with GPO Studio yet? You may need to configure the Hammerfall\'s driver. It\'s somewhere in those menu\'s but I\'m not at home and I can\'t elaborate further. Sorry.

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    Re: Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO drive

    Hi Joseph,

    thanks for your answer.

    If I understand what you mean I have run the ASIO setup.
    The described drivers are the drivers shown when running the Audio setting in GPO studio.
    It is also possible to configure The Hammerfall driver.
    But I already configured it to work well with Cubase and I do not really know what I would have to change there.

    What I dont understand is why for example a driver named:
    [MME]DIGI9636 Out ADAT2 (1+2)(1)(out)
    does not appear like this:
    [ASIO]DIGI9636 Out ADAT2 (1+2)(1)(out)

    This is the way it appears in \"Cubase\" or in \"Audition\"



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    Re: Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO driver?

    [ASIO]ASIO DIGI9636/52(duplex)

    That sounds like the driver you want, but you say that no sound is produced when it is selected. Could you select this driver and look under Preferences in studio, click on Control Panel and tell me if the output is selected for the Hammerfall. If this doesn\'t work you should select the ASIO full duplex driver and go back into the control panel. The hammerfall should show up in there and you should be able to select the output and the sample rate.

    Hope this helps and doesn\'t confuse.

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    Re: Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO drive


    after selecting [ASIO]ASIO DIGI9636/52(duplex) and then going to preferences in GPO Studio and click on the control panel, I get the RME DIGI Settings
    This is the usual control window for the Hammerfall.

    It is not possible there to choose any output for the Hammerfall.
    You can control the in and output for SPDIF, and there are different Sync and Clockmode options and you can also adjust the Latency, but there are no options for the other output.
    These output can always be selected in the output setting of the used Audioprogramme like Cubase and in fact, as I said in my first post, all the usual output for the Hammerfall are there in the Audi Driver Setting in \"GPO Studio\" and they are also working.
    The only problem is that they are MME and not ASIO!

    I also tried the [ASIO] ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver(duplex)
    but this one seems to be for the onboard soundcard of the motherboard, so when I select the control panel in preferences, then appears a Direct Sound setting panel.
    The Hammerfall does not appear there as output, only the Creative Sound Blaster PCI (Onboard Chip)
    But (strange enough) all the input of the Hammerfall are there!


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    Re: Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO drive

    This may not be the issue, but if you are trying to use Studio with Cubase SX then the driver may not be working because Cubase is using it as well. Of course, what happens with me is that Cubase won\'t start until I select a different driver for both Studio and Cubase. Cubase will not need the driver if that is the case since you are using Studio as the VST host. Just select a generic ASIO driver in Cubase and see if you get sound out of Studio with the driver you are wanting to use.

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    Re: Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO drive

    Joseph, thanks again for your answer.

    But I feel there is some confusion here.

    I do not try to use \"GPO Studio\" within Cubase.
    With Cubase SX, I use \"GPO\" through the Kontakt Player as a VST instrument and everything is working really perfectly there for me.
    Within Cubase SX I got all the needed driver for the Hammerfall and they just look like (named as) the nine MME drivers I described in my first post.
    The only difference is that they all are ASIO drivers, and I work since years with 6 ms latency without any problem.

    What I am trying to do is to use the stand alone application \"GPO Studio\" with the notation programm \"Finale 2004\"
    That is, according to the GPO manual, what \"GPO Studio\" is made for.

    So I start \"GPO Studio\" first, then load an instrument.
    Before I even start Finale I try to set \"GPO Studio\" correctly
    So I go to \"Settings\" then to \"Audio Driver\" and there appear 10 (ten) driver for the DIGI9636 (this is the RME Hammerfall soundcard).
    I already named these drivers in my first post.
    There are nine (9) MME driver and 1 (one) ASIO driver.

    All the 9 MME driver for the DIGI9636 are working well.
    I get a sound when playing on the keyboard of \"GPO Studio\"
    and it works also well when I start \"Finale\".
    The only thing I complain with the MME driver is the Latency.
    But AFAIK, MME driver have always such a big latency.

    So I wonder why the driver are not ASIO.

    I tried the [ASIO]ASIO DIGI9636/52(duplex) driver (that is the exact name it appears in \"GPO Studio\") as you mentioned and obtained the result I described in my last post.
    It means I am not able to route the signal to a specific Output of the soundcard and
    so I am still not able to use this one.
    BTW I dont really understand how this special driver should work because usually,
    the driver route to a specific output of the Hammerfall.
    This one does not route to a specific output and as I described in my last post, after selecting this duplex driver, when I go to preferences I get the usual Control Setting pannel of the DIGI9636 and it is not possible there to choose a specific output for the soundcard.
    I guess I miss something.

    The Hammerfall has 16 Output (ADAT1: 1 to 8 and ADAT2: 9 to 16) plus a stereo SPDIF Output.
    In \"GPO Studio\" they are described as
    ADAT1 (1+2) till (7+8)
    and ADAT2 (1+2) till (7+8)

    I never saw the driver [ASIO]ASIO DIGI9636/52(duplex) before.
    For example it is not available in Cubase or in Audition
    So I may ask my question in an other way:
    Is this driver supposed to be the ASIO Driver for \"GPO Studio\"
    and if yes how does it works, I mean where should one be able to route to the specific ouput of the card?

    Should not the 9 other MME driver described in my first post also be ASIO driver?

    It would be nice if Garry or Tom could answer ;-) for the RME people still do not have an answer.



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    Re: Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO driver?

    Hi Teacue,

    This is a bit of a long shot but try the ASIO4all driver which has been developed by Michael Tippach. It is a universal driver that dropped latency on my soundcard (Yamaha sw1000xg) from 28ms to 5ms. While I know this is not your specific problem... It\'s worth a shot.
    You can download the set-up.exe at the link below

    [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]ASIO4all link


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    Re: Is GPO Studio supposed to work with ASIO driver?

    Maybe you just can\'t hear the output. Read this thread and see if it helps.

    No sound out of Finale

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