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Topic: Help! Frustrated making a "key click" .gig

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    Help! Frustrated making a \"key click\" .gig

    I\'ve been making a .gig file to produce key clicks both on key press and key release. These are transient sounds. I used the release trigger dimension thinking this would work. WRONG! What I found is that the release trigger simply won\'t play if the primary sample has already ended. Period. Can anyone think of a way around this? - Doug Marshall

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    Re: Help! Frustrated making a \"key click\" .gig

    The release trigger only sounds if the main sample isn\'t finished.

    I\'ve had similar problem way back, I think what I did was putting a 0 level wave file that\'s long enough for the main sample.

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    Re: Help! Frustrated making a \"key click\" .gig

    A slightly better way of doing this is to add a few milliseconds of silence at the end of the wave and loop that. Then you don\'t have to use up a layer.

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    Re: Help! Frustrated making a \"key click\" .gig

    Thanks. I\'ll give it a try. - Doug

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