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Topic: Weird problem when creating a multi dimension gig

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    Weird problem when creating a multi dimension gig

    Is someone able to tell me what can be wrong (the following issue happened to me several times, with several different gigs)
    I’ll try to give a short and clear example :
    Trying to make a multidimensionnal gig with a few imported Hans Zimmer guitar programs that I have first merged into one single gig. :
    - « Picked notes » (that makes one folder in the Wave Pool, one discrete instrument)
    - « Slides, taps and noises»(one folder in the Wave Pool, one discrete instrument again).
    I of course use the Wizard to assign both folders to my new instrument, and to choose the dimension controller.... and do not get any strange message at any time of the process.
    But what I get is an instrument which plays okay for the picked notes, and not for the slides : GigaEditor indeed seems to have taken only the first region’s sample of the « slides » instrument into account, transposing it from down to top of the whole keyboard… The other regions’ samples don’t play. And when I click on another region, I do see that it is always the same sample from down to top.
    What I know is that the involved « slides » instrument has many more regions than the « picked notes » instrument.
    Can it be the reason to this weird (and unsatisfying) result, and is it a known bug in the GigaEditor ?
    thanks for any tip !

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    Re: Weird problem when creating a multi dimension gig

    Try making two instruments in one gig. Make the first a `picked notes` instrument. Then make the second into your `slap and tickle` one. After you are happy with each instrument select both and right-click `combine instruments`.

    Hope this helps

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