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Topic: Help w/ this unbelievably annoying problem!!!!

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    Help w/ this unbelievably annoying problem!!!!

    Ok this is quite insane. Here goes:

    I have a performance file that has kick drum on ch 1, toms on ch2, snares on ch 3, bass on ch4, ride on ch 5, hi hat on ch 6, gm drums on ch 10. I had a MIDI file with the corresponding parts. Whenever I hit play, gigastudio decides to reassign the bass to most of the channels (1,3,4,6 and some others i think). Imagine how annoying that is.

    This happens even if I delete all but one MIDI track. And the track has nothing but note events. Happens in cubase and cakewalk.

    I can\'t imagine what is going on here. This is the most annoying bug I have ever encountered in any program.

    Anyone else ever have this problem?

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    Re: Help w/ this unbelievably annoying problem!!!!

    Maybe the sequencer is sending program changes to GS.

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    Re: Help w/ this unbelievably annoying problem!!!!

    It seems that you have some identical banks and patches on different sample-library.
    Here is the example, to solve the problem, you can try either one as follows:
    1> Assigned by sequencer and Giga: This is allowed the Seq/Giga can changes it on-fly. Let\'s say When you had Bass = bank 0(1), patch (0)1
    Then the snare, tom, hiHat should be banks 0(1) and pathes must be like **2,3,4**
    Don\'t forget, on the sequencer, you also need to assign the snare, tom and hihat instruments, which must be matched on the giga\'s assignment like **2,3,4** for example.

    2> Assigned by user (locked, not allowed to change by Seq or Giga): This way is that no One cares what banks and patches they are. How: Under the MIDI-sequencer, set the bank = NONE and Patch = NONE. To be sure you also check all the entire MIDI tracks as well.

    Check the sample banks and patches on Giga and on sequencer program (see the Giga loaded instruments).

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Help w/ this unbelievably annoying problem!!!!

    Thanks. It was patch related. In cakewalk each track was assigned to the same patch. So I just set the patches to \'none\' and it solved the problem.

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    Re: Help w/ this unbelievably annoying problem!!!!

    Yeah, so maybe you shouldn\'t yell \'BUUUUG!\' before you investigate a bit further the next time, huh??

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