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Topic: Cubase SX/GPO problem

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    Cubase SX/GPO problem

    The marriage of these two was going just great. Suddenly, they\'re not speaking... GPO appears in Cubase\'s list of VST plug-ins, but if I try to activate it -- nothing. If I try to open projects I did using GPO, Cubase says it can\'t find the plug in. Everything was going so well. What can I do to get these two back together?

    Ray Nissen

    Mac OS X 10.3
    Cubase SX 2.0.2

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    Re: Cubase SX/GPO problem

    A long time ago when I was in computer support, some of the seasoned support reps taught me to ask the obvious question: \"well, if it was working before and it\'s not working now, what did YOU change?\". The other motto was \"look for the obvious, dummy!\".

    I would suggest you retrace your steps, Ray, and figure out what you might have changed in your Cubase SX setup from the time it worked until it stopped working.

    Good luck! kev

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    Re: Cubase SX/GPO problem

    Always my last resort but.....you could always reoad it... (a bit drastic but it may reset any changes made)

    anyway, more to the point.. keep the head and work through it methodically.

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