Hi, me again. Will post results of where my $3,900 is going at the end, for anyone interested.
But my question today is a headscratcher. HELP! I just booted GS and loaded in the GigaPiano, which showed up in the slot as \"1GB Acoustic Gra...\" like normal. After a few minutes noodling I looked at the voices meter and quickly realized that I was activating 2 voices per note struck -- not the usual 4 -- an indication that the Light version had been loaded instead of the Big One. Both instruments show up in the Loaded Instruments, but when I load either, I appear to be getting only the Light.
Then I looked at the list of gig files below the search bar -- when I click on GigaPiano, only the Light version shows up!
Where has my 1GB version disappeared to? I have done NOTHING to the files on my D drive.
In addition, there is another weirdness. ... When I depress the (Light) piano I\'ve loaded, the voices meter hits 2, then sometimes quickly jumps up to 4, then takes an unusually long time to drop down to 0 again after I\'ve lifted my finger from the key. It is NOT behaving the way it did only a few hours ago.
What the &*#$%# is going on, do you think?

(signed) Frustrated in Richmond

Oh yeah--I\'m gonna buy GOS, Dan Dean woodwinds and brass (really don\'t care for his solo strings, will wait for Garritan), the Miroslav ensemble woodwinds/brass, and Ultimate Percussion Library. Thanks for your recommendations, which seem to be fairly unanimous.