I\'m finally breaking ground on using the Giga Editor thanks to some kind sources, re-reading the included tutorial, and the link someone posted on another thread: http://www.alarrecordingstudio.com/gigabosi2ing.htm

It\'s pretty interesting now that I sort of understand it. I would be enjoying myself, however, I was unable to make an instrument with 8 keyswitches and 8 velocity cases or changes or whatever the terminology is. I then read that there is a limit of 32 samples for a region and that includes stereo so your down to 16.

Is this something to do with MIDI or just Gigastudio? Does anyone know if a new version will increase the samples per region. As it is it seems pretty limited. I was getting psyched about individualizing my instruments and then ran into this wall. Arggh! As it is I think I\'ll compromise and make a 4 keyswitched, 4 velocity leveled instrument.