Translator has some new Giga features to announce with it\'s new version 2.5.

The Roland reading speed is improved vastly, sometimes better than 50%. More importantly, a new bulk option for Roland->Giga has been done. Roland Patches and Performances can easily share samples, and this becomes a liability within translating in that a transaltion can typically produce many replicated samples. So when you transalte a Roland CD, a 600mb CD can occupy 2gig\'s worth of .gig files.

No more! With the new bulk option, groups of Patches or Performances which share like samples are piled into several large .gig files, thus largely eliminating wated space. Additionally, this usually insures Patch variations (which are usually the cause of replicated/shared samples) are in the same .gig file, making them easier to organize and access.

Also, in 2.5, you can extract all, some, or like groups of Instruments from a .gig file, making seperate .gig files from them.

Features we are working on are S-5000, Yamaha, and other format support. Also we are working on \"SoundFont splitting\" - some SoundFonts and Emu Banks have more than 128 Presets/Instruments, making it impossible to jam these into one .gig file, so two or more .gig files will be created to handle the load.

Lastly, please feel free to beg or suggest any idea you might have that could make your Giga experience easier or sound better. E-mail us a, or just flag the forum.

Come see us at NAMM - Booth #6921, just like last year.

Garth Hjelte
Chicken Systems Customer Support
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