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Topic: Sibelius and Giga

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    Sibelius and Giga

    Anybody using Sibelius with Gigastudio and could comment on experiences made ?

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    Re: Sibelius and Giga

    I too was once interested in this combination, but figured that you either have to decide:
    a) I want to hear something great and score is secondary
    b) I want a fantastic score and the sound is secondary
    I just don\'t see how you can control all the articulations etc. through sibellius... obviously in an ideal world, sibellius would act like a professional violinist, percussionist,pianist etc.
    Incidentally, this is from no experience of the product what-so-ever I will be gladly corrected

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    Re: Sibelius and Giga


    just for info:

    The (demo) Version 2 of Sibelius does not run properly with Windows 98, because it comsumes so much of GDI-memory (> 60%) that together with GSt160 after a couple of minutes you run out and the system crashes.

    It took me several mails to convince the Sibelius support that this is a severe problem. Finally they promised to look into it. At the moment:

    Windows 98 + Sibelius (+ Giga): Forget it!

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    Re: Sibelius and Giga

    Hi paynterr,

    I\'m not sure about the earlier Sibelius versions, but Sibelius 2 takes most expression marks into consideration during playback. And you can add any MIDI message at any point in the score. BTW, Sibelius 2 comes with a GREAT manual. It measures 7/8\" thick - with the pages pressed together! Their free demo is very representative of the real S2. Give it a try.

    Then again, I don\'t yet know what is required to get a great orchestral sound out of GS. I\'ve just recently received LE, am waiting for GS96, and don\'t yet have any $$$ libraries.

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    Re: Sibelius and Giga

    Well, I\'ve tried using Sibelius 1.4 and 2.0 (the demo) with GigaStudio96 without any success; I can\'t get Sibelius to \'recognize\' GigaStudio as a legitimate sound-output even when opening it from within GigaStudio.

    I use an Egosys Waveterminal2496 card in a Windows XP environment.

    I can get Sibelius to work (loading it from the desktop icon) but only using my Soundblaster Live Value card. Or I can get GigaStudio96 to output sound (e.g. GigaPiano) via the Waveterminal card. But no combination of GigaStudio and Sibelius together seems to work.

    I hope a fix is in sight since, individually, they\'re great programs.

    John Fowler.

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    Re: Sibelius and Giga

    Hello horst & johncfowler,

    Please contact the Sibelius folks directly and request a fix. They will probably need to contact us and do a product swap to get the two programs to cooperate. We will both need to be able to reproduce the same errors and communicate on a fix.

    We had some similar problems with Finale and 2k/Xp. These were fixed in beta build 2.50.42. We are presently at build 2.50.46 and it is very close to being frozen for release candidate.


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    Re: Sibelius and Giga

    i run sib 1.4 and giga together in an xp environment. and it works . . .

    asus a7m
    256 ddr ram (could be more . . .)
    midiman 44

    don´t forget to install midiyoke on xp to enable midi outputs from one app to another.
    it works.

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