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Topic: Cubasis doesn't see GPO?

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    Cubasis doesn\'t see GPO?

    I\'m a Sonar 3PE user, but couldn\'t resist checking out the bundled version of Cubasis that shipped with GPO. Unfortunately, Cubasis doesn\'t show GPO among its VST instruments. Any ideas?


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    Re: Cubasis doesn\'t see GPO?

    Did you install Cubasis afer GPO? If yes ,then it is most likely that the GPO installer didn\'t put the Personalorchestra.dll (maybe I go the name wrong) in Cubasis\' VST-plugins folder. But that can easily be corrected: Just navigate to the GPO installation directory, search the folders in it for the .dll and copy (not move!) it into Cubasis\' VST-plugins directory. Then restart Cubasis and it should work.

    I hope this helped to solve your problem.


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    Re: Cubasis doesn\'t see GPO?

    Thanks Peter...I am used to Sonar where I \"register\" plugins with the VST adapter. I\'ll try copying the dll.


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