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Topic: Uninstalling Gigastudio

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    Uninstalling Gigastudio

    I\'m having problems with Gigastudio 2.2. Was working fine, but now there are weird noises and glitches. Could someone tell me how to completely uninstall Gigastudio? That is, specifically, all files and registry entries, etc. When I uninstall the regular way, a lot of stuff gets left behind, and I want to try clearing it all out completely before reinstalling. Then, if that doesn\'t help, I guess I\'ll try a reformat.

    I\'m on a PIII 450, 384Ram, Gina soundcard, Asus P3B-F.


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    Re: Uninstalling Gigastudio

    yeah, we have this problem always in Windows. You could manually remove registry entries. Run regedit and search for \"Nemesys\". Remove the whole tree. But backup the registry file before you go.

    Still some .DLLs could also be left. Windows is a mess concerning this.

    What I would really recommend is to buy \"Partition Magic\" from Powerquest, partition your hard drive while keeping the old Windows installation to look up, while you install a second Windows in a separate partition from scratch. You can completely copy your operating system and restore it if you want to get rid of something.

    You can also run a third Windows as Test Windows. And you can run Gigasampler in its own Windows-installation, away from any Internet-Office-Anything troubles.

    The only thing you should do is to separate data from system and to keept it in separate partitions.

    This small expense has proven to be a perfect solution. Never will I let one Windows dominating all my system.


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    Re: Uninstalling Gigastudio

    Well I went ahead and reformatted, and that seems to have helped. Your idea of a test/good partition is a good one, will have to do that.


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