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Topic: Release Trigger Samples?? How-To???(Newbie)

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    Release Trigger Samples?? How-To???(Newbie)

    Howdy everyone,
    Got a question I need help with. Im just starting to program my own Cello with samples that I have accumulated. My question is...HOW DO I ASSIGN A RELEASE SAMPLE??? I thought I\'d been through everything on the wizard...but still...I am clueless...could someone please help a newbie???

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    Re: Release Trigger Samples?? How-To???(Newbie)


    You select all regions and create a new dimension (dimension resource)

    Make sure you have ticked \"apply to all selected regions\".

    Select 4,8,16 or 32 bit (next step fromwhat you have)

    chose dimension control: \"release trigger\"


    Now you can swith between to sets of regions - the last ones are the release triggers. Assign your samples here.



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