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Topic: patch change problem

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    patch change problem

    Wondering if anyone out there has come across this problem, or could offer any advice, since tech support never heard of it: We\'re running two gigastudios, both use MOTU Micro Express midi interfaces. We use DP3.0 and MOTU MTP AV. Intermittently, either gigastudio will stop responding to patch change messages sent to Port 1 channel 1. Whatever instrument is loaded into that slot at the time stays, all other channels will still change instruments when given patch change messages, just Port 1 Channel 1 does not. When \'frozen\' like this, if you manually load an instrument from the loaded intsruments window by dragging it up to channel one, it will \'wake up\' the channel and it will again respond to patch change messages for some period until it freezes again at some later point. We can see that the gigastudio is getting the midi message because the green \'1\' turns red indicating that it is receiving midi. Any ideas that you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: patch change problem

    Giga is very buggy with regard to responding to patch changes, particularly if you loaded a performance.

    Just be happy you can get it to work.

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    Re: patch change problem


    Could you elaborate on that statement a bit? I\'m a new GS user, and plan to expand the product to use live onstage with a complex file I\'m building from various libraries. I will need absolutely reliable MIDI patch change.

    What kind of problems are you experiencing? (Patch change doesn\'t work-doh!) Which is to say, are the problems repeatable under specific circumstances or apparently random? DOes the system ignore the change, or select the wrong patch? Does your system have lots of memory? Does the size of the instrument seem to play a part?

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

    Also, does anyone know if Tascam is aware of the issue, and have they addressed in in V2.5?

    David \'Dasher\' Kempton

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