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Topic: Midi Implementation chart of GigaStudio

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    Midi Implementation chart of GigaStudio

    -Is there such a thing as a detailed Midi implementation chart for Giga Studio?
    Is there any better documentation than what comes with the software itself (not much to be honest)
    -Is there a set of Sysex messages that can be used to control interesting things on Giga Studio, in order to go beyond simple program changes?

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    Re: Midi Implementation chart of GigaStudio

    I\'m not aware that what you seek exists, a lot of the instruments can respond to cc\'s but it\'s instrument specific and I usually have to go into the editor to see what they are (and btw GS doesn\'t give me near the choice in which controllers it can use as I would prefer). A lot of gigs have help files that document their cc\'s.

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