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Topic: GigaStudio, SMP on Win2K Server

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    GigaStudio, SMP on Win2K Server

    I have the opportunity to purchase a kick-*** server, 4 Xeon
    Processors, 2 Gigs of Memory and a lot of disk space at a very good

    I would like to use it as a standalone GigaStudio machine when
    GigaStudio 2.5 is released later this month. (Right now, I am
    running 2.2 on a PIII800/512M RAM so that would make a hell of a

    2 Questions:
    - Does anybody know if 2.5 will support SMP (not only accept but be
    able to use) under Windows 2000?
    - Since the machine has 4 processors, I will have to use Windows
    2000 Server, not Workstation. Does anybody see any reason why
    GigaStudio 2.5 will not work with Windows 2000 SERVER ?

    Thanks in advance for you answers.

    (PS : I actually have access to the machine right now, so if anybody
    at Nemesys/Tascam is interested, I can definitely run a small test
    with it if provided with a beta version. You can email me directly
    at emmanuel@schalit.com)

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    Re: GigaStudio, SMP on Win2K Server

    I run a dual PIII 1000Mhz. (notquite your game) but am hoping to use it also as a fast GS160 machine. Questions remains...will GS 2.5 support \'true\' SMP (which requires software adaptions).

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