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Topic: Accepting Patch changes

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    Accepting Patch changes

    There seems to be no way to get GS to accept a patch change event to select a pre-loaded new .gig file. Am I missing something (I tried reading the manual, but there ISN\'T ONE!

    My goal, as you may have already guessed, is to use GS live, with the ability to move from song to song with no planning (\"Say, do you know Moon Liver?\")

    I love the program for what it does, but I really would like to take this beyond the borders of the studio. AM I waiting for \"GigaClubDate\"? :P


    David \'Dasher\' Kempton

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    Re: Accepting Patch changes

    Makes sense Dave. A midi program change table at Performance level.

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    Re: Accepting Patch changes

    If your instruments are preloaded, you’ll be able to use patch changes to load them into a particular channel.

    Remember that GSt uses a 0 based numbering scheme, so if your sequencer is 1 based you’ll need to adjust. Also note that as you load instruments, if there are duplicate patch numbers, GSt will automatically assign a unique number to some instruments. Look in the Loaded Instruments tab to confirm patch assignments.

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    Re: Accepting Patch changes

    Thanks for the response, Chadwick and Bill. I\'ll have to experiment.


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    Re: Accepting Patch changes

    It works! It works!

    Now about that manual...

    David \'Dasher\' Kempton

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    Re: Accepting Patch changes

    Hi David,

    I just visited your homapage and heard some of your stuff. Since you are into funk/fusion
    have you heard my bass libraries for giga at: www.scarbee.com ?

    Visit www.scarbee.com and check out the demoes from The Scarbee Bass Libraries

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    Re: Accepting Patch changes

    Hi, Scarbee,

    Thanks for the visit. No, I have not checked out your line yet-I had planned to do so over the weekend, but honestly, right now I want Big Band Horns! And apparently they don\'t exist, according to another post I\'ve made.

    There\'s great classical-style horns, but that\'s really quite a different sound (ask the poor conductor at Northeastern, when I tried to play trumpet in the light classical orchestra. He said something like, \"Your reading seems OK, but do you have to play with that tone?\")

    Anyway, I will check you out, and if I like what I hear, add you to the list of gotta-haves.


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    Re: Accepting Patch changes


    As followup on my previous post-I auditioned the library. Great stuff! Beautiful demo, as well.

    I have you on my list of must-have purchases (but I have to get some horns and guitars first-I have some \'usable\' basses in my hardware, but all my brass and guitars bite.)

    Looking forward to doing biz with you (also looking forward to the fretless library!)

    David \'Dasher\' Kempton

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