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Topic: DP 4.11 and Kontakt 1.5- Outputs??

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    DP 4.11 and Kontakt 1.5- Outputs??

    HAs anyone found a way to get more than two outputs
    out of Kontakt 1.5 w/ DP 4.11? I\'ve tried everything including selecting the group option in Kontakt, but still I only see outputs 1&2. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


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    Re: DP 4.11 and Kontakt 1.5- Outputs??

    Same here.

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    Re: DP 4.11 and Kontakt 1.5- Outputs??

    Alas, this seems to be the case (only 2 outputs).

    There are many reports of this at the Unicornation forum.

    Not sure if this is because of MOTUs AU implimentation (MAS plugs \"do\" have multi outs) or because of AU limitation etc? Or a DP limit?..etc.

    I\'ve inquired with several logic users under OSX to see if they \"also\" only see stereo outs in Kontact, but so far no one has replied.

    According to some DP users, they could see the other outputs after they selected multi in their Prefs/options.

    Also, they said, they show up in standalone mode, but still only output to 1 and 2. (the only ones that work)

    As I said, I haven\'t heard back from any Logic users yet as to whether or not this is an issue for them.

    It would be ironic if this works in Logic but not in DP...given the statements made about Logic having the more \"primative\" implimentation of AU spec.

    Anyway, I\'ll keep checking. So far, I haven\'t seen anyone from NI respond to any of these questions concerning DP and not seeing more than stereo outs in Kontact. Even on their own home forum. The same obseration/question came up. It\'s like on page 2 or 3 now...never responded to accept for a few more DP users confirming that they also saw this issue.

    Anyway, maybe someone from NI might be willing to jump in here and offer some info?

    That would be great!

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    Re: DP 4.11 and Kontakt 1.5- Outputs??

    I spoke with Christian at tech support (NI) today and he confirmed that this in fact a problem with Kontakt 1.5 that NI is looking into.

    Apparently the only workaround is to open a different
    instance of Kontakt in DP and route each pair of outputs from each new instance to new outputs in DP.

    I hope this helps.


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    Re: DP 4.11 and Kontakt 1.5- Outputs??

    Thanks Tom.

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