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Topic: Pasting Zones?

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    Pasting Zones?

    Hi All,

    I\'m digging into Kontakt 1.52 and have found a bit of a stumbling block. I hope one of the power-users here may be able to help me. I\'m doing some programming of drumkit setups, and I have a particular way I like to have the samples mapped for on the keyboard. I want, simply enough, to copy all the samples mapped to one key and map them to an additional key. I can select and copy the samples but when I paste them they go right over the top of the samples I just copied. Then I have to manually shift-click on each one and then drag them to the key where I want them to play. This is, obviously, a drag. I RTFM but it simply states that, yes, the samples get pasted at their original key location. Tried option dragging too, no joy. Any way around this??



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    Re: Pasting Zones?

    This works for me: After you\'ve copied the zones create a new empty group, selec to show only the new group, then paste the zones. Move the new zones to were you\'d like them. You can always put the new zones into the original source zone group if you\'d like to process them together. It turns out that groups are very helpful for selecting subsets of zones to operate on.

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    Re: Pasting Zones?

    another option is to copy the ones, THEN move the original zones, THEN paste again. This will paste the new zones in the original\'s place


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    Re: Pasting Zones?

    Thanks guys, I knew there had to be a simpler way!


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