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Topic: GIGASTUDIO FOR XP, OUT !!!!!!!!!!!

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    GIGASTUDIO FOR XP, OUT !!!!!!!!!!!

    Humor :::::

    New Gigastudio without GSIF drivers !!!!
    Run on Xp, great....... !!!!!!!

    This new Gigastudio is Halion from Steinberg !!
    (Tascam, where are they ????????????)

    Work with WDM/ASIO or WDM/MME
    (Soundblaster LIVE/Audigy ok....)
    no specific GSIF needed..........

    And you can choose the package VST edition
    for only 110 USD......
    Sequencer + sampler

    you can run Halion in Sonar with a vst
    adaptater !!!!!!!!

    The VST Edition
    Professional music, sampling & production system
    The VST Edition is a complete sampling and recording system whose sound quality, full complement of features and perfect integration of components meet the highest standards. This complete audio solution combines the excellent features of Cubase VST 5.1 with our successful high-end software sampler HALion. Producers, remixers and songwriters can compose and arrange their music, incorporate samples and loops and give their music the finishing touch with the integrated VST effects.

    Steinberg\'s VST Edition is the right choice for those who are serious about their music.

    Feature Highlights

    Complete 72 track audio/MIDI recording studio with up to 24 Bit/48 kHz sound quality and internal effects

    HaLion with its revolutionary 32 Bit sampling concept with easy-to-use drag and drop

    Comprehensive file format import: WAV, AIF, AKAI, E-MU, GIGA (yes and yes), SF2, LM•4, LM•4 Mark II, SD II (Mac only)

    Seamless integration of HALion and other VST instruments and virtual effect processors in the VST environment for sample accurate timing

    User-friendly and efficient graphic interface

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    Re: GIGASTUDIO FOR XP, OUT !!!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: GIGASTUDIO FOR XP, OUT !!!!!!!!!!!

    >>>Seamless integration of HALion and other VST instruments and virtual effect processors in the VST environment for sample accurate timing<<<

    What is the difference? Do you need to do rendering audio before the mixing-down with other VST/Audio/MIDI tracks or not? How about the sound\'s quality?

    It depends on what/how you use it!
    Here is an example to tell you that the integrated is not always best! Other way would be flexible, don\'t you think so?

    Let\'s say that when We give you (A) the TV with built-in (integrated) VCR + CD-player and (B) other are the TV with seperated-VCR and seperated-CD-Player, what do you choose? And when you already have (B), why do you need (A)? What are we going to do with the (B) and they are working well?

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    Re: GIGASTUDIO FOR XP, OUT !!!!!!!!!!!

    My brother gave up on Halion(too many problems)and went back to Giga.Sound quality is about the same though.It(Halion) now sit\'s idle in his VST plugin folder.

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