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Topic: Logic not showing MIDI controllers for GPO

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    Logic not showing MIDI controllers for GPO


    I\'ve just started using GPO inside Logic Pro. I\'m trying to automate the various parameters that each instrument allows, but when I try to access the relevant MIDI controller within Logic\'s track automation Logic does not show control #\'s relevant to that instrument, just for pan, volume and controller #1 bypass. Is anyone else having this problem, or could anyone tell me where I\'m going wrong?

    Thanks very much.

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    Re: Logic not showing MIDI controllers for GPO


    I suspect that either you may not have set up your tracks correctly, or you are looking in the wrong place for the GPO controller data.

    I\'ll assume that your setup involves an 8 channel multi instrument in the audio environment, cabled into the audio instrument that hosts your GPO instance. The basic multi should have its channel parameter set to all. You have activated channels 1-8, and created midi tracks for these channels in the arrange page?

    Now record a part into one of these tracks, using whatever controller data is appropriate, e.g. cc64 and cc1. Open the midi part on that track to edit its midi data (e.g. hyper editor, or list editor). This is where you should see the GPO controller data for that track/instrument - not in the track\'s automation track. Can you find it now?

    A word of caution about controller data with multi\'s in Logic. If you use any cc7 or cc10 in ANY of the midi parts for that multi, it will be treated by Logic as track automation data for the main multi instrument track. The tip to avoiding unwanted fader moves on the main audio-instrument is to NOT use any cc7 or cc10 in any of the embedded midi parts.


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    Re: Logic not showing MIDI controllers for GPO

    Thanks very much for your help - I\'ll check my set-up!

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