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Topic: giga studio and the ports

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    giga studio and the ports

    Hi there,

    Giga studio has been running fine and dandy until I started using more than one port (that\'s in the giga studio program). For example, I have a Flute sample on Port 1, giga 1-1 and then a string sample on port 2 giga 2-1. When I play the string sound, it sounds like it is combining with the flute sound. Why is this? Does this have anything to do with the fact that my memory says 87% in giga studio? However the CPU is on 4%. Please help me?

    Thanks so much!


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    Re: giga studio and the ports

    Hi, over on the left of the screen is the little icon of a piano keyboard plus the 4 ports; 1-2-3-4

    Ive never fully understood whats doing what, but if you keep clicking on the piano and hitting your note on your controller keyboard, you should hear one note only. You might have to click two or three times as it seems to cycle between linking the ports or soloing them.

    You can also select and deselect the port numbers themselves. I think from memory when they are bright green they are linked.

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    Re: giga studio and the ports

    almost always the culprit lies in the sequencer - by default it receives midi from *all* ports so *replicating* the output from track x (connected to port1) to track y (connected to port2). now playing something on track x sends the signal on both ports to gigastudio which now (unintentionally) plays both instruments

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    Re: giga studio and the ports

    thanks, that helps me understand what the problem is but do you have any suggestions of how to fix this from happening?

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    Re: giga studio and the ports

    just define your in- and out-ports in the sequencer. if you have a keyboard attached make sure only the track you want to record has the respective midi port and channel defined. also set your outports to a certain port and channel. you can check it works as intended if gigastudio\'s icons only flash red on the port intended to receive midi data

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