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Topic: Resources on how film soundtracks are recorded

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    Resources on how film soundtracks are recorded

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    I\'m looking for links or maybe a book or two on how an orchestra is actually recorded for film soundtracks, if such things exist at all...

    In trying to make realistic mockups, I figure it can\'t hurt to know how the real orchestras are recorded. Does anyone have any resources or advice on this? Anyone here actually have experience doing it? One thing I read in some other forum a while ago is that sometimes they use reverb modules on certain instruments, rather than using the ambience of the actual recording room. Is this true? If so for what instruments?

    I suppose a lot of it might be personal taste, but if there\'s some standard ways of doing things these days, it would really be nice to know.

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    Re: Resources on how film soundtracks are recorded

    Two Words:

    Mix Magazine

    If you can get your hands on an archive of back issues you\'ll find a treasure trove of information in there about orchestral mixing and production. You\'ll learn what the heck a decca tree arrangment is, about spot miking..etc..etc..

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    Re: Resources on how film soundtracks are recorded

    Thanks for the tips guys. I never really checked out Mix magazine before. I do have Keyboard of course, and I have some Electronic Musician. Yesterday I just bought this month\'s Mix mag, which has a short article on sountrack recording. It doesn\'t go into much detail other than equipment though. Maybe they have an archive.

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