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Topic: GPO beginner's help please

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    GPO beginner\'s help please


    I\'ve just bought and installed Garritan Personal Orchestra to use as an AU inside Logic Pro. The manual for GPO is fine but there\'s not much help on Kontakt, so I\'m asking here. As Kontakt can run up to 8 instruments simultaneously how do I sequence music for each one using the matrix (key) editor? I see from the kontakt GUI that each instrument slot is allocated a separate MIDI channel - how does this affect note input in Logic? So how do I sequence music in this multi-timbral mode? I can load the instruments and obviously know to select the appropriate one to play it, but can\'t work out how to sequence a number of instruments at the same time. Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I\'m not having much luck!


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    Re: GPO beginner\'s help please

    Its a bit fiddly but here goes:

    set up GPO as instrument 1 and then load in the 8 samples onto (eg) MIDI tracks 1 to 8 on the Kontakt Player.

    In the ARRANGE window make sure the first AUDIOINSTR is the GPO player. Click on the second Audio Instrument. In the inspector (to the left) choose midi channel 2, then click on the instrument selection, and set it to instrument 1. Move to the third AUDIOINSTR row on the arrange window, click on it, look in the inspector to the left, choose midi channel 3 and then set it to INSTRUMENT 1 again. Keep doing this until all 8 tracks are set to 8 midi channels, and each set to instrument 1.

    There may be more elegant ways of doing it, but that\'s how I do it!

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    Re: GPO beginner\'s help please

    Thanks - I\'ll try it!

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    Re: GPO beginner\'s help please

    Please excuse my ignorance, I\'m new to midi and trying to learn Logic. Low - that was a great explanation. Now my question is, I can load up the instruments and record to separate tracks, but if they\'re the same instrument, how do you control them individually? The volume, EQ, etc. that controls one controls them all. I\'m sure this is obvious, but I could use a little help. Thanks so much.

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    Re: GPO beginner\'s help please

    In Logic, you can setup GPO as a multi channel [when picking the instrument in the audio instrument menu]. Then you can use Aux channels to control pan, volume and all that.

    to set one up efficiently, create a multi instrument in the enviroment, connect this to an audio instrument object [it will ask if you want to remove the channels port setting, click remove. when you click on the multi instrument, the port should say \"off\" and the cha should say \"all\"]. Set the audio instruments channel to ALL.

    now when you load up GPO in the audio instrument, you can use the multi instrument you created to control each instrument loaded into GPO and use the aux mixer channels for pan, volume, effects, sends, and all that.


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