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Topic: unlinking port two

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    unlinking port two

    Hi everyone: This has got to be dead easy but I\'m new to this. I\'ve loaded all 16 channels on the two ports. I can play the port 1 channels independently or linked with two to play simultaneously. But how do I unlink port two to play it independently of port one thanks

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    Re: unlinking port two

    On the Giga-GUI, Click on it (2), it\'s located next to CPU-Meter.

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    Re: unlinking port two

    Thanks but i do that and it doesn\'t isolate port 2. One click allows me to play port one and double clicking combines the ports. Those the only options no way to play just port two.????

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    Re: unlinking port two

    If you dont use a sequencer just mute Port One.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: unlinking port two

    Thanks muting port one is one solution but a bit cumbersome. As for rerouting midi through the sequencer I\'m not sure. At the moment I control gigastudio with an xp 30 keyboard. Seems like since both ports are already receiving the midi signal it should simply be a case of clicking on the little port numbers to alternate. Is that the case for you guys? I\'m still not sure what i\'m missing.
    thanks a lot

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    Re: unlinking port two

    You would have to set up your midi to flow through port 2. You can probably do this in your sequencer.

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    Re: unlinking port two


    I see what you\'re getting at. You are only sending on a single midi port from the XP, and you want to decide which Gst port responds to from Gst\'s end, because you can\'t do that from the XP.

    The Gst port icon simply doesn\'t allow you to do this, although it would be an interesting feature to add.

    For the time being, all I can suggest is using Hardware/Routing page to switch the XP\'s data from Nemesys first Midi in Port to it\'s second Midi in port. Don\'t forget to click on the apply button.

    It\'s not a quick as clicking on the port icon, but it works. You can even assign a single input to all four of Gst\'s midi ports.

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    Re: unlinking port two

    If you want to have completely independent control of each of the 4 midi ports , with 16 midi channels for each port , totally 64 midi channel that you could independently control, you will need a midi interface that has a 4 in 4 out capability.
    To my understanding , even if you only have one midi source plugged in to your midi interface , you still need a 4 in 4 out mid card , so it can separate and understand that channel one on port one is different than channel one on port two.
    Someone please correct me if Im wrong , but thats the way It was explained to me.

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    Re: unlinking port two

    Cheers everyone for your help. I\'ve got a better understanding now

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