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Topic: someone please help!

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    someone please help!

    Hello everyone,

    I\'ve been using gigastudio with opus 1 for about a month now. Until yesterday I had no problems. I was just finishing a project and loading the last sample I needed when gigastudio crashed. So, I had to restart my computer by pressing the restart button. Now, every time I try to use gigastudio there is popping, crackling, and even sometimes wrong notes. The project I was working on had 32 samples loaded and lots of polyphony, but this doesn\'t matter. The problem still persist even when I open a document with only one monophonic sample. The wierd thing is, it kind of gets better once I\'ve played through the loaded samples a few times, but the popping and crackling never completely disappears. Why this problem out of the blue? I was hoping someone could please tell me what I can do. I am scoring a film and the music was due yesterday, I\'m in a huge panic. I would appreciate ANY help anyone could provide. Here are my system specs:

    gigastudio 160
    p4 3.0 gig
    1 gig of ram
    420 power supply
    RME hammerfall card
    opus 1 samples
    2 80 gig 7200rpm hard drives (1 dedicated for my samples only)

    Thank you,

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    Re: someone please help!

    ...simply reinstall - solves most problems. First try keeping the old version, then try with uninstalling first.

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    Re: someone please help!

    well, I tried reinstalling gigastudio and the driver for my soundcard. neither one worked. anyone have any other ideas?

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    Re: someone please help!

    Popping and cracking generally comes from overloaded volume (in my experience), try to lower the main volume (master in the dsp), then lower serveral instruments. Maybe your soundcard is overloaded, try to lower the main volume.

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    Re: someone please help!

    ron, you may have changed the latency settings on your sondcard\'s control panel - try to raise the value and see if it helps

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