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Topic: Keyswitching in Giga Editor

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    Keyswitching in Giga Editor

    Okay, I\'ve tryed to learn how to use the editor but have completely failed so far. All I want to do for now, however, is take a .gig file--DD French Horn, in this case--, load that up, whittle down to the seven .gigs or banks or whatever that I want, set it up for keyswitching, and save it as a new .gig. I\'ve downloaded the tutorial from nemesys which didn\'t help at all, the editor was looking for .wav files not .gig. files. I\'ve searched the forum and fiddled with things for about 6 months now. If anyone can explain this to me or drop a link I would be very grateful as I can\'t use my new toy until I set it up with keyswitching so it will work with my setup.

    Josh, village idiot

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    Re: Keyswitching in Giga Editor

    Hi Josh

    There are 2 things to remember:

    1) You have to set the dimensions to be controlled by \"keyboard\"

    2) Double click on the instrument (properties)here you set the first and last trigger key.



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    Re: Keyswitching in Giga Editor

    Aren\'t all the DD libraries setup with keyswitching already?

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    Re: Keyswitching in Giga Editor

    All the DD libraries that I have (only solo strings and FH so far) are set up with keyswitch, in fact there a lot of different variations of this in the Solo Brass. I want to be able to set things up, however, for my own convenience. The DDSB French Horn, by the way, is phenomenal. I can\'t wait to buy the Woodwinds set--hopefully, very soon.

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    Re: Keyswitching in Giga Editor

    A fast way to create custom keyswitch instruments is to use existing separate instrument. Choose the instruments that you want to keyswitch (Max of 4 at a time) using the control key and mouse. Of course these instruments need to be available in a single bank in the editor wich most of the DD stuf is already. Once they are highlighted, right click and choose combine instruments. In the combine screen, you can use adjust the order of the instruments and choose a controller (Keyswitch or keyboard) Once you have an instrument combined, you need to save the .gig file. You can then, right click on the combined instrument and choose properties. That is where you will find the place to assign the key range of the keyswitch.
    Those pointers should help you for now. One of these days, some real good multimedia tutorials will be finished by me and there might be some possible quick start\\overview stuff from Tascam. It\'s much easier to explain the editor in person (or on video) than on paper. It only takes a few min. to catch on to it when it is demonstrated.
    Take care

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    Re: Keyswitching in Giga Editor

    Careful with that risky talk about multimedia tutorials Dave

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