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Topic: Organizing Gigastudio Library

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    Organizing Gigastudio Library

    What\'s the recommended approach to keeping track of different versions of your instruments? I don\'t want to resave a huge gig file every time I modify the attack so I guess I use articulation files. Would I then just save each articulation file within a song folder for recall later? I guess naming would be important so as to know which articulation file goes with what instrument. That would mean if I had 32 edited instruments loaded I would have to load 32 independent articulation files. Is there an easier way? Can the .GSP performance file save instrument info with it? Maybe I just create a new instrument within the .gig file. How is this done?

    Thanks for any replies.

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    Re: Organizing Gigastudio Library

    You probably need to use \"multiple instrument variation\" within the .gig file. In the editor, you can copy an instrument and paste it in the bank area, then make changes to the new instrument, rename it and all and save the .gig file. You will need to do a full save once before you can hear the newly copied instrument and do edits. You can always save as and give it a new name and delete the original instrument to save time. Once this is done, these multiple instrument variations will share the same set of waves. No extra disk space or extra RAM usage. Hope this helps

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