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Topic: Anyone having GS latency issues?

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    Anyone having GS latency issues?

    I\'m rendering GS tracks (one at a time) into a Logic Audio/Pro Tools G4 mac, and noticing a latency greater than 30 ms in the audio tracks, viewing them from the waveform editor in Logic Audio. Is this normal? I\'m using a PIII/7333 PC running win98, the latest GigaStudio, a new WaveCenter PCI card, with 1/2 of my 750 mb of memory loaded with patches from the Garritan String library.

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    Re: Anyone having GS latency issues?

    I also use GOS on PC and I\'ve noticed they tend to be behind as well. The easiest way around that is to select the whole track in the event list in Logic and adjust the timing. It\'s a workaround, but it works.


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    Re: Anyone having GS latency issues?

    Do you have the Beta 5 driver for WaveCenter? The beta driver has lower latency than the 2.09.

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